Casselton approves sidewalk improvement project

Property owners living on Casselton’s Langer Avenue will soon be asked to replace their sidewalks in areas that have been identified in need of improvement or replacement.
The Public Works Committee recommended to the full council Monday that the city approve a request to start a city-wide sidewalk improvement and/or replacement project.
Initially, the sidewalk improvement project will include sidewalks that have been identified along both sides of Langer Avenue but will later expand to include city-wide improvements in designated areas.
The sidewalks in need or replacement and repair have already been identified as part of the Metro COG sidewalk improvement study performed by the city.
Committee members said the cost to repair or replace the sidewalks will be the responsibility of the property owner, however the city has compiled a list of property owners who qualified for the Homestead Property Tax Credit. Those who are eligible to receive the tax credit qualify for financial assistance through the city to help pay for required sidewalk improvements or replacement. Sales and Use Tax Funds will be used to assist qualifying residents with the cost of the improvements.
The council, with the exception of Charlie Francis, voted in favor of approving the project.


Photo by Angela Kolden
Property owners living along Langer Avenue in areas that have been identified to have sidewalks in need of improvement or replacement, such as heaving from tree roots, will be among the city’s first residents expected to comply with the city’s recently approved sidewalk improvement project.

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