TCEDC discusses child care at Mayville State

By James R. Johnson news@tctribune.net Attending directors of the Traill County Economic Development Commission heard first hand of the issues facing child care through Mayville State University. Meeting in the Luckasen Room, the directors heard from Jessi Hegg, director of Mayville State University Child Development Programs. Hegg says MSU CDP is fairly unique within North Dakota because of its child […]

Learning about how to make a living

By James R. Johnson • news@tctribune.net Rather than ask school-age youngsters what they want to do when they grow up, give them the opportunity to learn about a potential career that includes “getting their hands dirty.” That’s the idea of Mayville State University Marketplace for Kids, where 400 middle-school and elementary school students from Emerado, May-Port CG, Northern Cass, Northwood, […]

‘It’s time to pave County Road 25’

By James R. Johnson • news@tctribune.net “County Road 25 is overdriven during beet harvest,” Kevin Sondrol told the Oct. 18 meeting of the Traill County Commission. Indeed. Chairman Ken Nesvig told the Tribune he has seen “complete fields at 21 percent sugar.” But Sondrol says the tons and acres filling the piling station at Reynolds have increased 15%. Trucks are […]

Pursuit ends in Traill County

At about 2:15 p.m. Oct. 17, a North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper attempted to stop a Ford Mustang for driving at a speed of 85 mph in a 70-mph zone. The driver of the vehicle fled from the trooper, traveling eastbound on Highway 2 at speeds over 120 mph. During the pursuit the fleeing Ford Mustang traveled southbound on Grand […]

Central Valley requires 2.5 GPA to graduate early

By James R. Johnson • news@tctribune.net A required grade-point average to graduate early had never been part of Central Valley School policy- until Oct. 12. Most every graduate could graduate early with a D average, superintendent Jeremy Brandt admitted to the Central Valley School Board. Jennifer Sundby, Central Valley principal, reminded board members that Choice Ready for college and employment […]

Mills adjusted for removal of Hillsboro TIF District

By James R. Johnson • news@tctribune.net Hillsboro no longer needs its TIF district. That means more than $670,000 for state taxes, Garrison Diversion Conservancy, and Hillsboro Public School District No. 9. Too bad that the Traill County Auditor’s Office wasn’t told until after the county locked into what was printed on tax statements. There would have been more tax revenue […]

LETTER to the editor

Your county newspaper If you have not voted by mail, be sure to vote Nov. 8 at the Mayville Armory or the Traill County Courthouse. At stake are District 20 legislative seats, North Dakota’s seats in the U.S. Congress, state constitutional measures for term limits and recreational marijuana, and your county newspaper. The Traill County Tribune has withstood changes in […]

LETTER to the editor

Measure No. 1: term limits NDCEL (North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders,) representing K-12 school leaders and administrators in North Dakota, are gravely concerned with the possibility of the passage of a constitutional amendment which would create term limits for our state legislators. I personally share this concern. As educators, we commonly work closely with our legislators in our state […]

How does the USDA support veterans?

By Sheri Pearlstein • Veterans Corner According to the USDA Farm and Land in Farm Summary of 2019, the total number of U.S. farms declined by 5,800 from 2018. Only farms in the $100,000-$249,000 sales category and the $250,000-$499,999 sales category increased while all other sales categories declined. In 2019, about 51.1% of all farms had less than $10,000 sales […]

Will marijuana be the next pacifier?

By Lloyd Omdahl • ndmatters@midco.net Legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes will be the second measure on the Nov. 8 election ballot – as if we needed another pacifier to get through life. Since some may think this measure is about marijuana for medical purposes, it is necessary to verify that North Dakota already has medical marijuana. It is a […]